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From the desk of Amanda Hankerson
Los Angeles, California

Hey Friend,

I wanted to write this letter to you today as I have a super important message that I want to share with you.

This is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to discover after working with other Portrait and Family Photographers.

So, if you’re a photographer who has struggled to grow your business….

And you want to attract more high-paying clients…

Then this will be the most important letter you’ll read in 2020.

Here’s Why . . . 
What if I told you there is a way for you to finally create that photography business you always wanted...

A business that attracts your dream clients,

Generates a consistent revenue stream,

And gives you that work-life balance you’ve always wanted.

I’m talking about a simple, step-by-step, laser-focused approach that’s already worked for 345 other family photographers.

Want to know more?
Hey, my name is Amanda Hankerson and I’m an award-winning photographer and videographer.

And, ever since I started offering Video Portraits, I’ve been able to build the work-life balance that I had always dreamed of.

I work with my ideal clients. And I get paid what I am worth. I stand out in a crowded industry, and I work an average 30 hours a week.

Most importantly though, I’ve now taught this same strategy to family photographers all around the country and they too have seen their businesses transform.

The truth however is…

It Wasn’t Always Like This.. 
I understand what it’s like to dream of being a successful photographer. 

To earn what I was worth. To attract the right kind of clients.

To create a lifestyle that I loved.

But that wasn’t my reality. 

And maybe it’s not yours either.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought “wow, I thought things would’ve started working by now?”

“just one more year I’ll be making real money.”
“Soon I’ll be able to spend more time with my family…” 

I did. I tried so hard but I started to think, “maybe this isn’t for me”

“maybe I just don’t have what it takes” 

I spent nearly 2 decades in the photography industry and during that time 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 

For example . . . 

I started my career as an Art School graduate with $90,000 in debt. 

I loved art school. But I agonized over my debt. I thought “what did I get myself into?”

When I realized that I couldn't pay my debt with my art. I got desperate.

So I plunged myself into building a photography business.

I had a ton of photo gigs my first year in business.

I thought I finally made it!

But, I grew my business the wrong way.

I was working around the clock... I was never home ...I wasn’t sleeping... I wasn’t exercising… I lost my social life… and I still wasn’t making a living wage. 

And I got so burnt out that I plunged into a deep anxiety and depression. With panic attacks and all. 

I thought maybe “I don’t have what it takes” 

So, I took a step back to examine my approach to my work AND my life. 

I wondered “What am I doing wrong?”

I realized that I didn’t have a strategy that helped me move the needle in my business.

There MUST be a different way. 

I wanted to build my business the RIGHT WAY. 

And stop making mistakes.

So I started talking to people who I wanted to become my ideal clients, and it hit me.

I knew I needed to apprach my business in an entirely different way. I needed to stand out from the crowd of photographers in my town.

And I’m not talking about a silver bullet or short-term hack … 

I’m talking about…

A Whole Different Way Of Building a Portrait and Family Photography Business …. 
These entrepreneurs had an approach towards their business that was so drastically different to mine. 

I was investing my time in things that didn’t matter - things that weren’t actually going to move my business forward. 

And I realized it was because I didn’t know where I SHOULD be focusing my time. 

I felt so overwhelmed by tackling the big tasks that I got buried under the little ones. 

I wasn’t taking action in my business, because I was so caught up in the day to day, spinning my wheels. 

But when I started to think differently, I started approaching my business in an entirely different way too... 

And when I started doing the right things in the right order, that is when things started to change. 

I made a promise to myself to take action every day.

Now I make a real livable wage. I have savings and I have investments.

I reduced my work time to 30 hours a week.

I spend more time with my family.

I stand out from the huge crowd of photographers in my city because what I offer is so different.

I attract the clients that I love to work with. 

Plus I get to do something that I love every day and work with families … 

I get to make some of the most important imagery that a family will have in their lifetime 

The reason I am sharing all this with you is because I want the same for you. 

I don’t want you to have to go through the 20 years of trial and error I had to :-( 

You’re here listening to me now as a photographer and you want more... 

You know where you are and probably where you want to be... 

But . . .
Do You Know How To Get There? 
The truth is, there is A LOT to learn…. 

Especially when it comes to growing your photography business and offering new services such as Video Portraits™.

Things like: 

How to use your camera settings for video?

How to add only 30 minutes of filming to a photo session (so you can double or triple your profit)?

How to tell a story?

How to direct your clients in front of the camera?

How to edit a video without the tech overwhelm?

How to choose and edit to music?

How to color correct to make the whole video feel the same? 

How to sell your video services to your clients?

How to create irresistable offers to attract premium clients?

How to keep those clients from going to your competetor?

WOW. It’s kinda overwhelming right?!!! 

I get it because I also struggled with ALL of these challenges when I first started out as a photographer. 

YEP…. I had to work all this stuff out on my own early on with so much trial and error and it wasn’t exactly fun.

It felt like a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces that I had to put together… 

Without knowing what the pieces were or even where they were hiding. 

If you currently feel like this and are struggling with overwhelm…. 

I can guarantee I have also felt the same way. BUT…. 

What I discovered was all that it took was having ONE great strategy... 

to completely transform things. 

A strategy tailored to your specific situation and business... 

To help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

For me, I was very fortunate to have a mentor very early on in this business who set me up for success. 

She literally rescued me when I was about to give it all away :-( 


Well, she put together a clear path for me that I could follow step by step, which helped me build momentum. 

It wasn’t complicated, but it was super effective…

…and what I have learned over the years is that SIMPLE = BEST. 

Even the business magnate, Richard Branson says: “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” 

My mentor gave me clear guidance and helped me remove all the distractions and overwhelm. I didn’t realize it at the time... 

But what my mentor gave me was a roadmap .... 

A Personalized Roadmap Makes All The Difference... 
Achieving success as a Portrait and Family Photographer is A LOT easier when:

You have a Roadmap.

You know the exact path to follow.

You know the right steps to take…in the right order. 

Having my own mentor put together a Roadmap for me at the start of this journey made all the difference… 

….and that’s why I want to do the same for you, but for FREE. 

Introducing The Video Portrait Roadmap Call 
Since you’ve already taken action and are here reading this right now... 

I’m pretty confident you’re a go-getter and we have a fair bit in common :-) 

Because of that, I want to invite you to have a free Video Portrait™ Roadmap Call.... 

With me!

Yep, I want to connect with you one-on-one

So How Can I Help You… 
Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be? 
(like how my first mentor helped me!) 

I decided to make myself available to a very small number of photographers, where I will jump on a call with you and: 

Discuss how you can build a more successful photography business and 

Resolve your biggest challenges once and for all. 

Figure out exactly what is holding you back and any roadblocks that are in the way for you and your business. 

Then I’ll help you create a Video Portrait™ Roadmap to get results in the fastest time possible… 

So you can be confident in knowing exactly what you need to do in the next 30 days…. 

To start attracting and converting new clients fast.
So Why Would I Do This? 
At this point it’s important to know why I am making myself available to you for free… 

…and not charging you my regular hourly rate of $500 for a coaching call. 

The first reason is because this is my passion. 

To be able to play a part in seeing fellow photographers like yourself…. 
growing their very own profitable business is why I do what I do. 

Anytime I can jump on a call and help a photographer overcome a client-getting challenge or even a mindset block... 

Then it makes it all worth it for me.

The second reason I am making you this generous offer for FREE is because…. 

It’s also how I attract my dream clients. 

So…. If at the end of your Video Portrait™ Roadmap Call... 

I feel that I can help you and that you might be a good fit to work together…. 

I can discuss with you what that looks like and if you’d like to take it a step further... 

so we can work together in 2020. 

BUT You’re also free to leave at the end of the call with your roadmap ... 

To help you attract more clients and reduce the overwhelm in the next 30 days. I also want to take it one step further for you…. 
If At Any Point During Your Call, You Decide You Are No Longer Interested. We Will Immediately End The Call. No Problem.
I want to give you peace of mind.

Especially if you are still on the fence about joining me on a call... 

so, I can help you map out your Video Portrait™ Roadmap for 2020. 

And I get it. 

Your time is super valuable but think about this for a second… 

The worst thing that can happen is that you “waste” a few minutes on a call

learning about a formulaic process and system that will generate you a dream level of income. 

But the best thing that can happen is you decide to implement this tested system... 

Grow your portrait and family photography business and see exponential growth in 2020. 

Either way the odds are stacked in your favor.... 

So it’s impossible to go wrong with what I am offering you here. 

And really… 
Who Else Would Do This? 
NO ONE (I checked to be sure). 

But I’m 100% ok with offering my time like this because my students get amazing results... 

As long as they do the work and take action. Period. 

Now as you can imagine I’ll get A LOT of interest from this letter because of how many people will be reading it... 

So, it’s important you read this next part very carefully… 
This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone. 
I can only help a specific type of photographer on these Video Portrait™ Roadmap Calls. 

So, in order for me to help, you need to meet the following criteria:

First, you need to have a legitimate business… 

In the family, portrait or other photography services space. 

Think family sessions, newborn sessions, senior sessions, headshots, engagement sessions . . . any kind of portrait session.

That means no photographers that have zero experience or don’t know how to use their camera yet. 

Secondly, you need to already be creating. 

You need to have some level of momentum. 

Which means you are already photographing clients in some capacity. 

Finally, and most importantly . . .

you must now be ready to take things to the next level as an entrepreneur. 

If this sounds like you, now it’s your turn to decide… 

Say yes, and click the button below 

and let me map out a Video Portrait™ Roadmap tailored specifically for your business... 

But, I must warn you that my time and my capacity is a factor. 

This opportunity is extremely limited. Why? 

Because of the intense one-one-one time needed for these Video Portrait™ Roadmap calls.... 

It is impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people. 

Now at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about joining me for a FREE Video Portrait™ Roadmap . . . 

But, you might have some questions that are holding you back from hopping on a call with me.

I want to help answer that for you now :-) 

I’ve taken the top questions I’ve been asked about the Video Portrait™ Roadmap Call and popped them in below with the answers... 

In case you were wondering the same thing. 
Question #1: What stage of business should I be in? 
Such a great question... To be honest, it doesn’t matter. All that you need to have is a photography business... Whether you’ve been operating for 24 years, or if you’re in your first year of business, that part isn’t important. As long as you’re a go-getter with basic photography skills, have access to a camera that can capture video, you’ll have a serious chance of success implementing the strategies inside our call ;-) 

Question #2: How long will the call last? 

You’ll have 15 minutes with me - a good chunk of time, I know! All you’ll need is a paper and pen, and a go-getting attitude - of course.

Question #3 Will this work for other types of photographers? 

Yes! These calls are for family photographers AND other types of photographers. My Video Portrait™ Roadmap also works for photographers who create: Newborn/Fresh 48 Sessions, Senior Portraits, Engagement Portraits, Professional Headshots, Portrait Photographers Headshot Photographers and even Wedding Photographers. This is not for advertising, product or commercial photographers.

Question #4: Can I schedule it in my time zone? 

Yes! You can schedule your call in your time zone. You’ll see that on the booking page. So you can find a slot that works for you. If the calendar says ‘closed’ that’s because the spots are all filled up. If there are spaces left, you’ll be able to choose time slots available in your time zone. That way you can choose what works for you ;-) 

Question #5: Do I need to do anything to prepare? 

Just a little bit. I’ll send you through an application form - it’s basically just a questionnaire. That will help both of us prepare for the call, so we can jump straight into the nitty gritty and not waste time :-) 

This application form is a prerequisite of the call. If I don’t receive it before your scheduled appointment, I have to cancel your call. It’s unfortunately a sign that you’re not a go-getter. so please take the time to fill out your short application form as soon as you register. 

Question #6: How long is this opportunity available for? 

I can’t say the exact time or date. This is only available until all the spots are full, and you’ll be able to see that when you hit the calendar page to book. But from experience, it won’t be available for long. 
I Have Limited Availablity
So, with that being said.... 

Please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots... 

won’t be open for long. 

When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Thanks for reading my letter today, friend... 

So click the button below to secure your call so I can help you create . . .  

your very own Video Portrait™ Roadmap for 2020,  before it expires. 


If you'd like a clear, actionable path towards financial freedom, for a super limited time only...

You can book in for a Free Call with me . . .

And not only will I give you some handy advice on what you should do next in your business . . .

I’ll map out your customized Video Portrait™ Roadmap, tailored specifically for you and your business on the call!

If you want this kind of guess-work-free support, take me up on this offer before it's too late.

Spots are limited.

So, before they run out, make sure you book in your session now!
"This is exactly what I needed to re-energize my photography business."

Lindy – Los Angeles, California

"I highly recommend! Amanda really knows her stuff and makes the everything easy to follow."
Angela – Stamford, Connecticut
"I have taken things from every suggestion to implement into my portrait business."
Lauren – Rochester, New York
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